Never Stop Learning

Are you curious about how to use the Internet and social media in a better way? I make videos for beginners about the Internet and social media, building a website and/or a blog, how to publish an ebook, and how to create a podcast, and much much more. I am Pixelpia, a 62-year-old teacher and Swede living in the US. I have been active on the internet since the mid-90s. I am a self-taught tech lover that strives to inspire and encourage you to learn and get your presence known on the internet.

On Wednesday I do a live stream where we discuss different topics connected to the internet and social media, and I have a public Google Calendar where you can see all upcoming streams. If you are interested in participating as a guest in one of my live streams you will find all the information you need in the calendar.

On this website, I will continue the discussions started in the live streams and I hope you will participate in those discussions. The blog posts where you will find the discussions are in the top menu.

Once again, welcome to PixelPia, I hope we can have a civil and fulfilling discussion about the future of the internet and social media here.