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5 more Google Chrome extensions

Today I continue looking at extensions for Google Chrome. I use a lot of different extensions, and one of my favorites from today’s video will help you keep your extensions under control, but let’s start with the other ones.

Google similar sites

Google similar pages is a great extension for when you are searching for something specific on the web. You find a page with content that you are looking for, you click the extension and a list of similar pages pop up. I use this a lot while doing research for my YouTube videos, but it is useful in many situations.


Lightshot is a screenshot extension, and what is so great with Lightshot is that you can define exactly which part of the screen you want to take a screenshot of, you can also add text, drawing, arrows, highlight, and underline things in the screenshot before you save, save to cloud, share, copy, print, or if it is a photo you can do a Google search for similar images.


This is the extension for anybody who does shopping online. Honey automatically searches the web for coupons, and if any are found they will be applied at checkout. This is a very easy way of saving money for online shoppers, and if you haven’t tried Honey I can warmly recommend it.

Mindful Break

This is for people like me that can be stuck for hours at a time in front of your computer and checking the web. This extension will remind you to take a break and give you a 1-minute breathing exercise. You can specify how often or at what specific time you want to be reminded and in what way. So if you tend to get stuck on the web Mindful Break is a useful little tool.


This is the app that I talked about at the beginning of this article. Extensity will help you to control which of your extensions are active by a couple of simple mouse clicks. If you click on the Extensity button in the extension bar it shows all the extensions you have installed, and by just clicking on them you can turn them on and off.

Let’s watch the video

It is so much easier to understand how each of these extensions works in a video so here is today’s video

My final thoughts

I love extensions that can make my life easier and more effective, and I tend to keep on finding new ones all the time. If you have any favorites, or if you are looking for something specific, please you this form to let me know and I will try and help you out. I hope you found today’s video helpful, and if you would like more like this you can always subscribe to my Youtube channel Pixelpia here