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Never Stop Learning

A productive day

So was the day of the launch finally here. And as I promised myself I was not acting as a typical Swede, instead I went out there and promoted my YouTube channel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
And I must say it went smoothly. I got 6 new subscribers, and a couple of nice comments. I can’t see who subscribed, since none of them share their subscription publicly. But I know from my comments that at least two of them are people I did not know from before.

I was also very productive when it comes to my content. I uploaded video five and six, and did all the necessary work like the description box, and the tags. I also got my thumbnails and the end screens done for both of them.
After that I scripted my two videos I am about to film next week. As I managed to film and edit two videos this week, I am sure I can do the same next week. The videos I have planned to film next week doesn’t require as much research and fact checking as the ones I did this week so it will be fast.

If I get two videos uploaded next week I would have videos in place for the whole of January and February. And once again I have started thinking about maybe increase my upload schedule to two days a week. I will not make any decisions yet, I will let at least January play out the way I planned it. But if I can keep up the speed I used this week I would have 12 videos in place by the end of this month, and if I go public twice a week it would still be enough for covering at least four weeks of publishing.

Well, now I am getting a bit ahead of myself again. One thing I really don’t want to do. I will continue trying to produce two videos per week, and I will let January play out until I make any kind of decisions. Now I will just relax, after a very productive and successful day. Right now I feel like

So excited