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A productive day

After a miserable Wednesday,  I had a productive day today.
I got my general schedule done, where I have blocked of the things that are happening every week. In that I have also set off time for filming and editing. I have a block dedicated to the weekly planning every Sunday, where I can sit down and do more detailed planning for the week, such as what to film, draw up a script for the filming, check material needed, look for music and other things needed for my editing, and so fort. I will use this general schedule to fill out the weeks work assignment for every week.
I created it in Excel, but saved it as a Word document as well. Now I need to figure out how to connect this with either my calendar, or with Evernote, so I have it all linked together.

I also wrote a list of things and behavior that are either typical Swedish, or are perceived as Swedish, that I would like to address in my videos. That, although it is just my initial thoughts, ended up being over 40 topics. Some can easily be addressed together, while others will probably have to be a video all by themselves. And this is just the lit of “Swedishness.” Tomorrow I will do the same about things/behavior that are typically American. And I started, very loosely, to research stereotypes about Swedes and Americans.

I have written three very rough draft for the three first videos I am planning to  create. These are still in a very unpolished state, but it feels like I am finally getting a bit more ready to do this.
The only real problem right now, and this is one that I don’t know how to deal with at all, is how “stupid” I feel every time I try to film myself. It is a bit crazy, since I have absolutely no problem to talk in front of people, small or large group, it have never been any problem for me. I have never felt uncomfortable with public speaking in my whole life. So why am I so insecure when it comes to sitting by myself, talking in front of a camera.This is when I realize that I actually still, after 16 years in USA, I still am very Swedish.  And more important, how do I get over it? I guess that the only thing to do is just doing it.

Right now I feel hopeful that my plan to launch this project on YouTube the first week in January is more realistic than I thought yesterday. If I can get my schedule and plan in gear this Sunday, I will start filming and editing next week. and if I then give myself some time to celebrate Xmas, I can still have three videos ready to go at the beginning of next year. My plan is to try and have two more videos ready every time I upload. That way I will have some breathing room if anything should come up that would disturb my schedule.