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A Step By Step Tutorial Making your first Instagram Story

Today I am continuing my series about Instagram, and about stories. This time my focus on how you can create your own story. Stories are a very fun part of Instagram and there is so much you can do with them. In this video, I will go over the basics, but I suggest that you play around with some of the features I show just to familiarize yourself with them.

What you can do

With stories, you can use graphics, photos, and videos. You can embellish them, use filters, and add text. The photos and graphics will be shown as 7 seconds segments, while the videos will be in 15 seconds segments, but you can film a longer video, just take a short pause at the 15-second mark since it will be divided into two or more segments.
Remember that Instagram Stories stays up for only 24 hours, but if you realize that there is something in your story that you didn’t want to share I will show you how to delete segments of your story as well.

The Video

My final thoughts

I really think Stories are one of the most fun parts of Instagram, and even though I am very new to creating stories I will most definitely continue making them.
I hope this video has inspired you to try your own story.