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A week without posting here

I haven’t posted anything here in a week. That is not because nothing has happened, the opposite is more correct. I have been working really hard on my YouTube channel, and on other social media, mostly Twitter.
I have changed my work routine quite a lot, I am now creating two videos per week, which means two scripts to write, double the amount of research and fact checking, and double the filming. I have also started to be more accurate when it comes to my closed caption for my videos, as I have an accent the automated close caption has a lot of mistakes in them, and I am nowadays going through every CC and correct them.
On top of that, my least three videos I uploaded didn’t get any automated CC at all, so I had to manually write and timestamp it all.

But I am still having so much fun. My goals for three months was set to 15 subscribers, and as I am writing this I have 38 subscribers. But that is not the important part, what really makes this so fun is the wonderful comments people leave on my videos. It makes it all feel worth it.
I have also found a tool that I love, and it is TubeBuddy. This is an extension for the Chrome browser and I got the payed option, but there is also a free version. I am using it to find the right keywords for my videos, to keep an eye on my competitors to see how my videos does in comparison to theirs.
The link above to TubeBuddy is my affiliate link, so if you use it and subscribe to a paying version I will make 30 % of what you pay, and I want that to be totally clear.
If you don’t approve of an affiliate link you can use this link instead https://www.tubebuddy.com/ which is not affiliated to me in any way. But I really find this extension to be very useful, and that’s why I wanted to share it with you

So that is in short what I have been up too, and why this web site has been put on the back burner for a week. Hopefully I will get some routine into my new YouTuber life with two videos per week, and it will run a bit smoother. But with all that extra time I did put in to make the transition from one to two videos per week was well worth it. I have caught up to the pint that I still have three weeks of videos uploaded, and scheduled for going public, even though that now means to have six videos ready to go at all times instead of my initially planned three. I have also been able to film two videos in one sitting a couple of times, this thanks to how much more comfortable I feel in front of the camera now compared to when I first started.
I am still learning a lot, and will continue to educate myself. My next goal is to find a better layout for my thumbnails, which right now are a little dull and uninteresting. But I am still looking for my “style” I guess.
I also want to find a more personal style for the intro to my videos. But I will continue working, and hopefully I will find the tone one day.
Right now I am going to have a cup of coffee, and finish up my latest videos CC transcript. But I am feeling….