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About Google Chrome

Two videos about Google Chrome

I use google chrome as my daily browser and the reason is it’s easy to use it’s secure and it works well with all the other Google apps and today I will share five of my top tips when it comes to settings. In my second video, I will share 5 of my top extensions hen it comes to Googler Chrome

The settings we are looking at

As I said I am looking at 5 settings, and I will show exactly how and where you can make these changes if you wish to do so.
The first thing I am looking at is how to change the default search engine. I personally prefer DuckDuckGo for privacy reasons. But there are others to chose from.
I will then show how you can prevent third-party cookies, and try to explain what cookies are.
My third settings a talk about is opo0-ups and notifications, both the general settings and how you can control them for each specific web site you visit.
The fourth setting is the auto-fill option, how you can set it up, and when it is great to use.
And lastly, I leave the actual settings but share useful tips about how you can pin tabs of web sites that you use frequently.

My Top 5 Tips For Google Chrome Settings

5 of my favorite extensions

In my second video about Google Chrome, I share 5 of my favorite extensions. Extensions are something I use often and I have a lot of them installed, so I wanted to share some of the ones that are most useful to me.
The first one is for everybody that wants to improve their writing skills when it comes to spelling and grammar, and that is Grammarly.
Staying within the language sphere my next extension is Google translate, something I use regularly since English is my second language and sometimes I know what word I would use in Swedish but need to find an equivalent English word.
The third extension is Google Calendar, a simple way to quickly look at what is on your Agenda for the nearest future when working and maybe making plans.
My next frequently used extension is Google Keep, I use that often when I do my research online and want to add a link to my Keep.
The last one is TabResize, which makes it really easy to watch several windows of your browser side by side, another thing I do often when I do my research.

5 Favorite Google Chrome Extensions For All Chrome Users

My Final Thoughts

I am using Google Chrome as my daily browser and I hope this tips for settings and the extension will help you improve your web browsing experience.