PixelPia Never Stop Learning

All work done, weekend free

All of a sudden my work with my YouTube channel just flowed, it is Friday night and all the work that was planned for the weekend is already done. The video I created as a reaction video was pretty complicated to edit, but at the same time I learned so much from it that the videos I had to edit this week was so quick to get done. As always something good comes out of something not so good.

With all this extra time at my hands I have a choice to make, either I use the time to write some scripts for my upcoming new series about the 9 types of intelligence, and the 9 learning styles, and maybe I can get twice as many of them filmed next week than I originally had planned.
Or I can take the weekend off and just relax.
Tomorrow is expected to feel like 112 degrees here so the only way I am going to spend time outdoors is in the pool which is a plausible alternative.

Probably I will use this extra time to do a bit of both, relax and get some extra work done. We are still waiting for our house to get sold so we can get moving to Florida, and when that finally happens, who knows how much time I will have for my channel until we are settled down there, so to get a bit ahead is not a dumb idea.
I am also returning to a topic that is close to my heart, teaching and learning, and I am very excited for this series.
I really hope it will be well received, because the topic about learning and how schools function is something that I really have a lot of opinions about.

Today I published my tag video, and tagged three of my newly found fellow YouTubers to create one. This was the accent tag, and it was easy and fun to do, and it is always fun to interact with other creators.
I have only five videos left in this series where I try different YouTube niches, but there are so many more niches and types of videos I haven’t tried yet so maybe I will come back to the topic later on. It has also been one of my best appreciated series so far, and I am not sure if that is because of my increased promotion and activity on other platforms, my so much more relaxed video presence, how much better quality wise my videos actually are, or if it is just the topic itself.

I am now closing in on 100 uploaded videos, and I think that reaching that number will give me a better insight when it comes to analytics. I am right now at 82 published videos with 6 more scheduled, so if I am calculating this correctly my last video in my new series will be #100, and that would be August 30th. When I first started this project in January I uploaded one video per week, I looked and sounded scared for my life, and imagine that after just 8 months I will have 100 videos uploaded and public, and feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. And still learning a lot and have tons of fun while doing so.