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Am I Too Old For Tiktok? My Experience

Am I too old for TikTok? No, and I will show you how to use it. I am new to TikTok myself so this will be a very simple beginners guide, but I assure you, you are not to old. And there are so many different ways you can create for TikTok, you don’t have to dance and lip sync, You can just be yourself. And for fun there are challenges that fit everybody. I tried TikTok 7 months ago and did not like it, but decided to give it a second chance, and now I must admit, it is pretty entertaining. So today I will share with you my TikTok experience.I will also show you how you can create your own TikTok account.
Today’s video is a bit out of context for me, it is not very educational, but I felt that so many people are talking about TikTok so I had to find out what it was all about, and I learned a few new things.

I am still working hard on defining my audience and narrowing down my nice on YouTube, this has been a struggle of mine for a long time. Finally I think I got something that I am pleased with, and that will actually work;
Audience: online students
Focus: Distance Learning Channel keywords: distance learning, distance education, e-learning, online learning (and more is coming)
Video ideas: 5 apps/software you must have,
5 tools for staying organized,
5 exercises for a quick rejuvenating break while studying,
10 study tips for verbal learners and then 10 tips for each of these; logical learners, visual learners, rhythmical learners, tactile learners, social learners, solitary learners.
My list of ideas for videos is much longer but that is 10 videos to start with and see how it works out.

This will require a bit of tweaking of my channel art but that can be easily done. I also feel that it works with my channels overall theme, and will still give me the freedom to, from time to time, add other educational material that I feel strongly about.
As I said I have been struggling for a long time with the question about narrowing down my content and find my target audience. I can’t even start to describe how many lists, how many idea, and how many concept I have written. To finally feel the energy again when something resonates with you and what you want to accomplish is fantastic. At the moment I have video ideas for this direction that would last me to the mid of July if this will be well received. Now it is just a question about execution.

So to today’s video. As I mentioned this is not really in line with my other videos, but I was so focused on finding my target audience, and was lacking time for some major research for this week. And I have done social media tutorials before so I guess this will fit in with that playlist 🙂