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Another brainstorm

Again I got my creative ideas flowing and I have planned videos for August and October, September is still empty.
For August I am going to return to my passion of teaching, and do a series about the 9 intelligence’s and the 9 learning styles. This is based on the theories from Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory about multiple intelligences, from his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
Dr. Gardner was very much an inspiration for my own teaching style when I was an elementary teacher back in Sweden, and I think we all can learn a lot from his theories.
I will describe each of the 9 types of intelligence, and how that can be utilized in teaching/learning. I will also talk about how my experience from Sweden and how it differs from what I have experienced here.

In this series I will also talk about three different teaching methods, Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia, that all were developed long before Dr. Gardner’s theory, but in many ways use the same approach to teaching/learning.

If I feel that this series is something I will continue, September will also be dedicated to videos around the topic of teaching and learning. This is very much my passion and if I can find a format for these videos that works for me, I might have found my niche.

For October I will create videos about my most beloved holiday, Halloween, as I will do how to videos for three costumes, I will address makeup, wigs, and the costume making. Although this is far from traditional teaching/learning questions I can’t stay away from a month dedicated to Halloween, and hopefully these videos will be somewhat educational.

Today’s video was a bit of that topic since I did a how to video about how to plan your Halloween costume, yes I start that planning as soon as 4th of July is behind us, and it was a part of my series where I test different YouTube niches and types of videos.