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Are You a Good Digital Citizen?

What does it mean to be a good Digital Citizen? And how can we teach about digital citizenship in our schools? These are a few of the questions I am discussing in today’s video. I think with today’s students being digital natives it is more important than ever to educate them in digital citizenship, and help them become good digital citizens. I also think it is important for all of us YouTube creators, and other social media creators to be responsible when it comes to good digital citizenship. We have to be role models, and take responsibility for everything we put out on this and other platforms. I also hope that this will affect you as a parent, and that you will be a strong role model as a good digital citizen for your children. If your children’s school don’t have education in digital citizenship I hope you will initiate a discussion about it. We must all do what we can to create an equal, fair, safe, and healthy digital world.

I am so happy with my new schedule of two scripted videos per week, it is just the right amount of work load to still be fun to do. No stress, no pressure to come up with ideas, it is the perfect balance. At the moment I am planning videos for February, and if you have any topic that is school related that you would like for me to tackle feel free to use the suggestion link in the menu.

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