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Are you taking full advantage of Google Calendar?

Today I will start a series about Google Calendar. In my life I used Google Calendar daily, as a matter of fact, I use several calendars to really keep my life organized. There are so many advantages to Google Calendar and how well it works with the other applications in the Google family.

Why Google Calendar

There are many calendars out on the market, and I have tried quite a few, but I always come back to Google Calendar for a couple of reasons.
First of all, it works on all my devices, computer, laptop, tablet, and phones. Regardless if it is on Windows or Apple. There are even ways to sync your Google Calendar to a Linux PC.
Secondly is the syncing, any adding or editing of events I do on one of my devices will show up on all of them. I don’t have to worry about changes not being made everywhere.
The third reason is the ease to use of many calendars within one Google account. In my main account, I have 6 calendars at the moment, for work, for my handicapped sister, for my free time, and some for specific projects.
This is my fourth reason, how easy it is to share a specific calendar with others and decide the function they will have in the calendar, just to read or to edit.

Let’s start with the basics

In today’s video, which is the first in a series, I will go over the basic layout of the calendar and where things are located. So if you are not familiar with Google Calendar and are interested in taking advantage of all the feature that comes with it this might be the way to start.

My final thoughts

As I said in the beginning, I use Google Calendar on a daily basis, and my life would be in shambles if I didn’t. I can easily get an overview of my daily or weekly appointments, I can collaborate with other people on a project, and I can share my calendar with specific people or even have a public calendar for anyone to see.
I hope this series will help you find the best use for you, and maybe learn some new tips and tricks for how Google Calendar can make your life easier.