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Been working hard

I have put in quite a bit of work this last week in order to get my videos ready for publishing. The reason for this is that I and my sister-in-law will take a trip this week down to Biloxi, MS and Destin, FL.
In order to keep up with my uploading schedule without any interruption, since Easter is around the corner as well, I have filmed, edited, and uploaded six videos that are scheduled.
I will try and make my first vlog during this trip and am right now writing a script for that. As soon as I get back that video will be edited, and uploaded, which will result in me having videos scheduled to be published up till April 26.

I am very satisfied with how I managed to get this far ahead of my schedule. It wasn’t easy, but determination brought me all the way.
During May I am going to focus on two themes for my videos. Mondays and Fridays will be a series about vacation in Sweden as an American, what to think about and plan for before you go, things to do and how to adjust while there, and some things to think about before you leave to go back home.
The second series will be my Wednesdays, which are more personal, and during May I am going to focus on my experiences as a newbie on YouTube, things that more veteran creators maybe have forgotten, and that I never really found in the hundreds of videos I studied before I started this adventure.

This idea sprung out of me upcoming video, Wednesday 10th, which is my three month evaluation video. I really tried to edit that video down, and it still is over 10 minutes long. This made me thinking, since there was so much more I wanted to talk about when it comes to my experience, and I decided to create a newbie at YouTube series.
I still have a few other ideas of series I want to do, and more and more ideas pop up all the time. I am writing everything down, and now there are several lists instead of one long, since my ideas often tends to involve series.

This is all for today, lets start ending my updates here the same way as I do my videos;
Goodbye, or as we say in Sweden hej då

hej då