PixelPia Never Stop Learning

Behind the scene

Today I got a lot of the “behind then scene” work done for my upcoming launch on YouTube. I did set up an account on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, all direct in connection to this blog, and to my YouTube channel. 
I also re-did all my social links on this blog so they now point to these accounts. his way I can use all my social media for announcements when I start uploading videos, and other relevant information about my channel when it is up and running. 

I did my schedule for next week, and since it is a bit different than my regular week, I will have a lot more time to work on this project. I could therefor postpone the work on my intro and exit clips for my video. I am planning on a separate filming session for these in the upcoming week. 
I will also have a few more hours of editing time this week, and maybe, just maybe, will I be able to film both of the episodes I have planned to have ready when I launch. I plan to have episode 2 fully ready before the week is over, and most of the filming for episode 3 done, so I just have to edit that the next coming week.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to writing the scripts for episode 2 and 3. Although episode 2 is almost done and episode 3 is in the state of a rough draft.

I also realized that since I started this project, I no longer have a personal web site/blog. So I started one at pia.pixelpia.com
This is a place for me to react and reflect over things in my life that has nothing to do with this project or any social media.
It is a very personal place, something I used to have, and hopefully a place that can help me keep my sanity when this project get a bit crazy.

That is all for today. Now I will relax, maybe watch some TV and definitely