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BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, in school, can it work? In today’s video I take a closer look at BYOD in school. How we can implement it, what to think about if we do, and the general pros and cons. I must admit that I am all for it, even though there are some severe problems to work out if it shall work. There are so many reasons why I think it is necessary to use these resources that the students private technology can be, even if there are some potential problems to solve before a system like this can work. Today’s students are digital natives, and in their reality it is as natural to use technology as it is to eat. Schools cannot continue to function in the digital stone age if we want to prepare students for life outside of school. In this video I talk about the pros and cons, about what needs to be done to safely incorporate BYOD, and I give you my personal opinion on why it is important.

I have found a new app to use for my filming. It cost $10 a month but is worth every penny. It is BigVu, and what it does is that I write my script and send it to the app, and when I then use it to film it is a prompter so I can look at the screen and the text is rolling before my eyes. So far I have just used it a couple of times and it takes some time to get it all the way you need, the speed and placement of the text, the amount of space between paragraphs and so forth, but it has cut down on my editing time quite a lot already.
I have also deleted my Patreon page and I now have SubscribeStar if anyone want to support me. I have updated some other information about how you can support my channel and the link is in the top banner.

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