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Can you train your naturalist and musical intelligence?

have been fascinated by Howard Gardner’s theory about multiple intelligences since I first came in contact with them as a teacher in the early 90s. I have written and made videos about them from the perspective of how that will impact the teaching in an elementary classroom. Today I want to take a look at the naturalist and the musical intelligence and ask myself is it possible to improve those?

What is typical for musical intelligence?

Of course, as the name tells us, a strong musical intelligence manifests itself in appreciation for music, but we can all say we like music, in this case, it is more than just like pop music or opera, the musical intelligent enjoy all types of music and is not limited by genre.
But that is not all so let’s make a shortlist of attributes for the musical intelligent

  • enjoy singing and playing instruments
  • is skilled in imitating melodies and voices
  • is sensitive to noise
  • have a great sense of rhythm
  • probably hum as they think, and move as they read
  • is an auditory learner

And the naturalist intelligent?

Is in touch with nature and his or her surroundings. Not just love a hike in nature, they often feel connected to nature. So let’s look at a shortlist again

  • like to explore nature
  • has an interest in behaviors both of humans and other species
  • is very aware of his or her surrounding and all times
  • have very keen senses, sight, hearing, touch, and smell
  • often creates and keeps scrapbooks and journals e.g. a weather journal

So what do they have in common?

The shortlists above probably didn’t surprise anyone, but they also have a couple of things in common that might be more surprising.
Both the naturalist and the musical intelligent are very good at thinking and discovering patterns.
Both have also a very good memory.
And if nothing else these are things that I for one know I would love to improve.

So how can you train and improve?

Musical intelligence

When it comes to musical intelligence the easiest way to improve is to indulge yourself in music, listen to all kinds of music styles, and listen actively, see if you can detect patterns between different pieces.
Sing, sing in the shower, sing as you drive, sing as much as you can, and if you are like me and say to yourself I can’t sing, maybe even take some singing lessons.
Another way to improve is to read and write poetry. The rhythm in writing poetry can improve your musical intelligence.
And last, but not least, you can learn how to play an instrument.

Naturalist intelligence

Of course, spending time outdoors is an important part of improving your naturalist intelligence, but that is not all.
You can start writing a journal where you observe changes in for example weather, or seasonal changes.
You can study nature closer, or further away, using binoculars, telescopes, and maybe even a microscope.
And you can involve yourself in pet care and/or environmental groups in your area, maybe even volunteer at an animal shelter,

and something that will improve both

And finally, an activity that will improve both these types of intelligence; Birdwatching
Get out in nature, bring your binoculars, and maybe even a camera to take photos and videos. Try to identify and learn bird songs and other animal sounds, let nature inspire you to write poetry.

My final thoughts

There are ways to improve these, and all the other types of intelligences. And the results might be better memory, improvement of your senses, and maybe even finding your rhythm.
And as always, if you are interested in my video on the topic it is linked down below.