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Cell phones in school. How we use, or should use, technology in our schools.

Today I will talk about technology in our schools. What we use, and how we use it. I compare my experience between Sweden and US, and I touch on the topic of inequality between schools and parts of the country. I also very briefly touch on the lack of technology as an educational tool in my teacher education, and I will eventually do a separate video all about teacher education.
I have changed my thumbnails a bit for this one and I will see if that increase the attraction of the video in any way.

Yesterday’s live stream was dead. I had someone watching but they never said anything in the chat, and it is really difficult to keep on talking to yourself. I will not let that discourage me at all and I will be back live next Thursday.
I am still behind my original schedule, the tutorials take so much more time to film and edit. I have all material for next week filmed and will be editing this weekend, but since I used to have two weeks of material ready every Sunday night I am actually a whole week behind.
I will still keep on doing the tutorials, and fingers crossed, as I continue I will hopefully be faster creating those, and eventually I will catch up. As long as I have one weeks of material to put up every Sunday I am OK.

So now to today’s video. If you don’t agree with me, or if you want to add something to the conversation I hope you will do so in the comments.