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Never Stop Learning

Change in my plan for the week

Today I had planned to write my script for both episode 2 and 3, with instructions and all other material finalized. That didn’t happen. Instead I spent what felt like hours at Americas Best to get my eye exam for my new contact lenses, and my sister-on-law to get hers for glasses. As so often, they were running late and before we were home it was time for dinner. I therefor couldn’t start my planned work as I had hoped. 

So, my first step when I had time to sit down was to take out my schedule for the week, and revise it somewhat. As I said the other day, this weeks schedule is a bit different than my usual weeks, and I had more time to use for my YouTube project. Luckily, since I didn’t count in today’s delay.

I now have added two extra hours of planning/scripting time tomorrow, so episode threes script have to wait until then. Episode two is  finished, with all necessary material and notes for filming included, so I feel very optimistic for filming that on Wednesday and Thursday. 

I also looked over my list of video ideas, and it is really growing. Some are more doable than others, but at the moment I have 12 ideas than can be done right away, which if I stick to uploading once a week with start January 4th, 2019 would give me material up till April 12th, 2019. Maybe I can be a YouTuber after all.