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Charlotte Mason the whole person approach to homeschooling

Today I am discussing one of the many methods for homeschooling, the Charlotte Mason method. Although I am critical to parts of the ideas in this method there are also parts that I think are important for a well rounded education. Charlotte Mason was a educator in the early 1920’s and some of her approach feels very old fashioned.

My tutorial about PRISM Live Studio did initially very well compared to my other videos, which encourage me to go on making tutorials. At the moment I am working on part two about PRISM, but I have looked into Google apps and realized how many apps from there I actually use on a daily bases, so that is going to be something I make tutorials about in the future,
I am also planning a tutorial about Anchor, the app for creating podcasts that I use and enjoy, It is a very easy app and web site to use for anybody interested in creating a podcast, which I encourage people to do.

Tomorrow morning 9 AM EST I will do another live stream at YouTube, and this time I will make sure I have it set to public. I haven’t decided on a main team yet for tomorrows live, but I am toying with the idea to talk about how to get you family and friend to understand and support the work you put in on YouTube. Do people know that you have a YouTube channel, if not why do you keep it to yourself.

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