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Comparing Opposites

Today I am taking a look at two of the 16 personality types in MBTI. I have decided to be a little bit more light-hearted with this and I am using a lot of images from The Myer-Briggs Company site in Europe.
I am starting with the two opposites ESTJ and INFP.

ESTJ Characteristics

ESTJ stands for Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking and Judging, and some of the characteristics of an ESTJ are;

  • responsible
  • effective
  • assertive
  • logical
  • realistic

INFP Characteristics

INFP stands for Introvert, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving, and some of the characteristics of an INFP are;

  • flexible
  • spontaneous
  • reflective
  • contained
  • imaginative
  • developmental

Let’s compare the strengths

So in comparison, let’s look at the strengths for both of these personality types.

goal-orientedcreative solutions
organizedmoral commitment
extensive networklike helping others
values competence

And areas to develop

ignore the ideas and feelings of othersStruggle to speak up in a group
is not comfortable in intimate settingspeople think they don’t care
jump into action to quicklyor have nothing to contribute

What get them stresses and how do they respond

Let’s look at the stressors of an ESTJ

and how they react to those.
Under stress, an ESTJ often gets hypersensitive, emotional, domineering, and is very inflexible.

Now let’s look at the stressors for an INFP

and they react with cynicism, get depressed, sometimes even aggressive, and they are prone to self-doubt.

The ESTJ and INFP in relationships

take relationship roles seriouslyis selective and reserved
is conscientiousis somewhat difficult to understand
is dependableis sensitive and introspective

So let’s have some fun

On the Myer-Briggs web site that I linked above, they had a lot of fun images where these two types are depicted as shoes, sports, flowers, etc. and here is a little picture gallery with those. Enjoy!

My final thoughts

None of these personality types is mine so I can’t say how accurate this is, but at least I thought that the picture gallery was fun.
Next time I will take a look at another opposite pair of personality types according to MBTI.
and as always, if you want to watch my video it is linked below.