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Connect Google Calendar events to Gmail and Keep

Today I am taking a closer look at how you can use events in your Google calendar. They are much more than placeholders for things you must do. Did you for example know how easy it is to create an even directly from your email, or how you can invite someone to an event in your calendar. And did you know that if you share your event or even your calendar with people you can still connect that to your notes in Google Keep and only you will be able to see those notes?

How to keep everything together

One of my favorite things with Google calendar is how easy it is to connect it to other apps in the Google family, and to share with other people. I have several calendars in my account, and I have them connected in many different ways to both Gmail and notes that I have in Keep.
This is very easy to do and in today’s video, I will show you step by step how it can be done. So let’s get right to the video

My final thoughts

I really hope you found some value in today’s video. The calendar also has the advantage that it works on both computer, Android, and IOS phones and tablets, and the things you do on one of them will show up on all of them.
If you want me to create more tutorials about Google calendar specifically, please use the link in the top menu to leave a suggestion.