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Never Stop Learning

Craziness, and some more…

Almost two months since I had time to sit down and write a blog, life have been really hectic. As I said in my last vlog May was really stressful for me. I managed to get my videos out but couldn’t stick to my plan to have two weeks scheduled at all times.
On top of that we have the moving business to tend to, and we are still in New Jersey, but we are also in Florida. That is most of our furniture, and my niece has moved in to our new hose in Florida, The rest of us, and some furniture we don’t intend to move down there are still here, trying to sell the house, and preparing as much as we can for the move. One of my sisters has a traumatic brain injury, and it is a bit more problematic to prepare the move, and be sure we have everything ready for her down there, things like doctors, therapy etc.

So, I was behind on my filming and editing, I felt overwhelmed, and instead of enjoying myself I got stressed. So I decided that July would be sort of “vacation” for my channel. I finished my series about starting YouTube as a hobby, and a decided to take a break in my series where I take a closer look at USA. Instead I decided to let July be a month where I try different types of niches/videos. OK, it is another series, but I can pick whatever I want to film during July, and all of a sudden everything changed.

I have caught up on filming/editing, and have today two weeks of videos uploaded and scheduled. I am having a lot of fun planning, filming, and editing. And I get a lot of inspiration for how I want to develop my channel for the future.

In the midst of all this chaos, I have actually done some work on my channel as well, I have a new channel banner, and I have developed a new thumbnail. I can still work some more on the thumbnail, but it is still a big step forward.
I have also passed the 100 subscribers mark, which is the only subscriber number I ever cared about, and now have my personalized URL youtube.com/pixelpia
I hope this inspiration and energy I got from July’s experiment will spill over to my blog, and my appearance here will be more frequent.