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Never Stop Learning

Crib sheet or Cheat sheet, depends on how to use it.

Today I am talking about crib sheets, or cheat sheets, it all depends on how you use them. I am talking about how to use them for more than a tool during test taking, how they can be a part of the learning process, as well as of the assessment.

I am a bit behind, I filmed my three videos as usual last week, but one of them is not what I really wanted so at the moment I am struggling with the question whether I should try to edit it into something useful, just re-film it, or totally scrap it and film something totally different.
Now I am really happy that I have stuck to my schedule and created videos for two weeks ahead. The video in question is supposed to be published on October 9th, so I have plenty of time to redo it.

On top of that I am getting sick, having a sore throat, and feel en general under the weather. I hope my throat will get better soon so it doesn’t affect my filming this week. But now on to today’s video, as always, if you like it give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and maybe share it. And I hope you will be a part of the discussion in the comments.