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Cross-Curricular Teaching – Why and how to use it

Cross-curricular teaching, or as it is often is called interdisciplinary instructions, is a way to connect the understanding, knowledge, and skills in themed learning where the goals for more the one subject are addressed simultaneously, almost like things are in real life.
It engages students imagination, and uses creative ways to develop knowledge and skills. It can create a deeper understanding and might help to avoid questions like; when will I ever use this?
It fosters critical thinking, and helps students reflect on concepts and ideas, and increases student motivation.

I am finally back to full energy level, and I think the decision to slow down for December was a necessary step. Although I am still having a lot of fun creating, when your health tells you to slow down, you better listen.
I am still toying, in my mind, with maybe change my upload days to Tuesday and Wednesday, which would give me a more concentrated stretch of days without uploads, but I haven’t decided yet.
I was looking at my statistics for the week I was sick, and yes you could really see a dip in both views and watch time. That shows me that even the very little of promoting I do on my other social media has an impact. Maybe even writing here.

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