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Does school uniforms improve school quality?

Today I am talking about school uniform and dress codes. These are concepts we didn’t have in Sweden, and it took me a while to get used to them. I will take a look at what the pros and cons is with both school uniforms and dress codes. I will also give you my opinion, and I hope you will take part in the discussion in the comments.

I have started to catch up after being sick, and have filmed 6 videos this week. Now I just have to get them edited, but at least I have the raw material there. I have no videos up on my channel at the moment so I have to dedicate this weekend to editing and I will be back on track.
I am happy that I had the buffer of one extra week pre-filmed so I could use the week to focus on getting better, and that is why I really need to get all editing done and once again have that buffer.

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So lets go to today’s video