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Does Social Media Belong in School?

Does social media belong in our schools? And if so in what form? In this video I take a look at the argument for and against the use of social media in our schools. I start by giving you a couple of definition of what social media is, and I also have a couple of example on how they can be used in an educational setting.
This is an introduction to my more narrowed down content on my channel where I will focus more on technology, social media, YouTube, and apps and software that are either created for educational purpose or fits in well in an educational situation.
I will look at these from a educator perspective, but also try to include how they can be used by parents and students. This will include reviews, tutorials, and general discussions.

As I mentioned, I am narrowing down my content somewhat. I will try and focus more on tech as a valuable addition in education, and share my experience and my passion for using different solutions for teaching and learning.
I will not become a tech channel by any means, I will keep the user perspective, but I will include some tutorials and reviews for some of the apps and platforms I really like.
I will also continue doing some of these “talking head” videos where I, like today, discuss a topic about why, how, and when it is appropriate and/or preferable to look into tech solutions for the classroom.
Since I am very aware of the accessibility difference between schools and regions of the country I will initially focus on web based apps, but that doesn’t exclude other software and maybe even hardware in the future.

I am trying to put myself in the position of an educator, parent, or student and ask myself “What would have helped me doing this task?” and if you have any specific questions I would love for you to send them to me, using the form in the meny at the top for suggesting topics.

As almost always, life interferes with my blogging and I have to cut this short today, have to get a flat tired fixed, but lets end as always with a link to today’s video.

Does Social Media Belong in School?