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Editing Social Media Templates With Canva

In editing Facebook templates with Canva (#stayhome and learn #withme) I focus on how you can use the suggested templates for Social Media and customize them for your needs. I will focus on how you can use the different templates included in Canva to enhance you Social Media graphics with a few easy steps. I start by using Facebook templates but I will also show you how you can, if you have the paid version of Canva, use your creatio in the rezise function to convert them for banners, and post etc. for all your Social Media.

This is the first video/thumbnail since I changed my layout, and I am pretty happy with the outcome. I now have a lot of thumbnails to change since I have decided to use myself in all of them. I will probably not change all of them, but probably all I have done since I started focus on education on my channel. I have actually already started the work on my next thumbnail even though the video itself is just in a very rough draft right now.

The whole approach to my new layout and thumbnails is so much simpler and clearer than my old one, it is almost like becoming a YouTube grownup. I think with the change in direction to focus more on adult learning and lifelong learners was the push I needed to really change things up. I feel inspired and think I will give more of myself in my videos now. The tutorials, like the one today, will be a part of it, but I think I really need to do much more of videos like the one on balance, and more where I actually use my own experience and my lifelong learning as a base.

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But let’s take a look at today’s video