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Episode two almost done

Today I filmed episode 2 of my YouTube project, and I have really learned a lot from my last filming session. First of all I didn’t film it all in one session, instead I made some of the pre-editing while filming, and just filmed it like it was different scenes.
Second, I felt more comfortable in front of the camera this time, and even though I still rely on my script quite a bit, the amount of awkward silence moments or me just looking at the script was really cut down to at least half.
I also, if I can say so myself, was much more natural in front of the camera, even though I still have a long way to go until I can really say that I am being authentically myself. But it is definitely an improvement. 

Not only did I film it all, without any need to re-film tomorrow, I also it almost totally edited. That is all the cuts are done for each part, and I got all the transition effects in place. What is left to do is to put the 5 parts together, add my intro, which I still have to create, and add some background music.
And looking at me schedule for this project this week, I still have 2 hour planning time, 5 hour filming time, and 6 hour editing time  to play around with. This looks like it can be a really productive week.

Right now I am so proud of myself. Not only for doing this, but for how I am doing it. Friday, it will be four weeks since I started this project, and I have stuck to every little bit of my plan, and my schedule so far. I have been writing almost every day in this blog, and worked on something that has to do with my YouTube channel just as often. And at this moment I feel more and more convinced that this will come to fruition.

At this point it doesn’t matter if someone wants to watch my videos, I am enjoying doing this, I love the editing part, and today I even felt somewhat relaxed with the filming part. Of course, it would be even better if someone would enjoy my videos, but that is not my main point. 
Maybe I need to go back to my original channel plan, and take a second look at what I wrote as my short term, and long term goal for my channel.
No matter what, I am happy……