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Favorite Learning Web Sites part 2

Favorite Learning Web Sites part 2 is a more eclectic collection of web sites for all ages and for all interests. This time I hope anybody can find something that interest them, and maybe use the time while we #StayHome to learn something new.
These web sites is not just for traditional school learning, they also are for hobbies and DIY projects that you can use for entertaining yourself at the same time as educate yourself.

My background music is created by Frank G. aka artemorbid
Other Music in this video
Living Pulse – Midnight Train
Feet on Water – Unexpected Moment
Earth – The Rythm of Memories
Living Pulse – The Chapman Run
GOLET’S – Slaves
Ziv Morgan – Wooden Smile
A-GROUP – Verve

So a day late I finally uploaded my second video about favorite websites. This time I focused a little bit more on websites that fits the general public, we are all in this together and need some distraction from #stayhome. I am also playing around with creating different intros and editing in different ways since I’m now editing on my computer. This is part of my learning strategies for this stay-at-home time.

Since I am a little behind on my schedule this will be a very short blog post today. I hope you will enjoy the video and that you will find something that really tickles your inspiration. If you enjoy these videos please let me know in the comments or use my suggestion link up on the top of this page. So let’s get to today’s video