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Finally I feel confident

I used my general schedule I had made today for the first time. Three hours of planning scheduled for today, and I used them well. I realized that I would need more time to prepare for the first filming session on Tuesday so I planned another three hour planning/preparing session for tomorrow.

I got a list together for what I need to actually film, and I got my script for the first episode 90 % done today. I also prepared some graphics that I will need to insert in my first video. Tomorrow I will finalize the script, and make sure I have everything ready to go for Tuesdays filming.

I am still feeling very nervous about the actual filming itself, which is rather ridiculous, but the only thing to do is just start filming and hopefully I will get over my nerves eventually.

Today I also put up my Xmas tree, so far not decorated, but in place. I don’t know how it happened but both my underarms are full of little cuts, and they really hurt right now. This has never happened to me when putting up a tree before, but I have always been rather clumsy, so it doesn’t surprise me.

My sister-in-law, whom I share the house with, is quite ahead of me when it comes to decorating, and her tree is beautiful. She took a photo of our three dogs in front of her tree today, and it came out so nice,
The Xmas spirit is really upon us.