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First Homework, Then Class Work – The Flipped Classroom

One of the more interesting approaches, when it comes to educational models, is the flipped classroom, or as it is also called the inverted classroom. Although this, as mostly any educational model, has some drawbacks it focuses on how we can improve and climb in the Bloom’s revised taxonomy pyramid about how we learn. In this model the student start their learning process outside of school so we can focus more on the higher steps on the pyramid, see picture below

Bloom's revised taxonomy 2001

I find it interesting how this way of approaching learning not only takes away the idea that the classroom is the only place where we learn, but also show how we can strive to reach a higher level of understanding of what we learn.
As I said, there are some very obvious difficulties with this approach, for one it requires, in most cases, that the students have internet access outside of school.
It also rely on high participation from the students, both to do the required work at home, as well as the following class work. But at the same time it builds the students capability to work independently ad as a team member, as well as their feeling of accomplishment.

I am still struggling somewhat with how to film my tutorials. At the moment I get the inserted picture of me when I film using OBS to freeze up from time to time. I think this is mostly because of my laptop, and a new computer must be my first priority when it comes to investments. I just have to do whit what I have for now.
A lot of creator o YouTube is freaking out at the moment because of all the changes that COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) are bringing to the platform. Personally I was initially somewhat worried, but as time goes by, I have settled down, and although I think some of the channels I love will be affected in a negative way, like loosing their comment section, I think that we are creating a storm in a water glass right now. Only time will tell.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, and my main theme for tomorrow’s live stream will be; What are you tankful for in your life?
But as always, if you come and join me at 9 AM EST, any topic you want to talk about are welcome.

So to today’s video, I think this is a very interesting approach and even if you never are going to experience it as a student, parent, or educator, I think it gives you something to think about when it comes to learning in general.
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