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Fixing the blog, a day of despair.

Today I did not have a lot of time for computer work, and the little time I had was spent on fixing this blog. I cannot blame anyone but myself for messing it up, I just tried some new things and of course I deleted things that was necessary for it to work properly.

Luckily I had a backup, and learned how to restore it using my always favorite method, trial and error. In a way I feel like I wasted a lot of time, but I also realize that I actually learned a lot.

So my plan for today was to actually film and edit a functional intro for my YouTube channel, which needless to say did not happen. I think that for tomorrow I will actually use my time to create an actual schedule for the time I have where I can work on this project. That in combination with a to-do list will probably make it easier for my to stay focused.

Today’s mistake was all due to my wandering mind, and the fact th as t I all of a sudden got an idea on how to improve this blog, which led to hours of redoing work already done.

Live and learn.