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Friends/Quaker schools, are they religious?

Today I am talking about Friends schools. Are they religious schools or are they for everyone?
The Quakers have a long history when it comes to education, and a very special relationship with worship. Although worship is a part of the Quaker/Friends school I wouldn’t say that it is a religious school. It is school that is very open to all kinds of religious beliefs and diversity. Many people don’t even know that it is schools built on the principal of the Society of Friends (Quakers)

I am still sick and hasn’t been able to film at all yet, thanks to this terrible cough, but I need to get started tonight or I will fall to far behind. I have some planned videos that I am really excited about so it feels awful that I haven’t been able to film. But tonight I will do it, with or without my companion “the worst cough ever”.

As I have mentioned before I am toying with the idea to change up my “talking head” videos and while not being able to actually record I have started sketching ideas for a somewhat different format that I want to try. It is not a big change to start with but I really want to develop my videos, even in small steps.

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