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Never Stop Learning

Getting closer to finding my niche

Today I sat down and started my planning for September. I have really enjoyed making videos about the nine types of intelligences and the learning styles, and even though I have just published two videos so far, and it is really to early to draw any conclusion about how they will be received, I am thinking of continuing on the teaching/learning track.
I realized how much I miss teaching, and even if this can’t replace the actual enjoyment of being in a classroom, it gives me such a satisfaction to share what I know, my experiences, and my opinions about teaching/learning in general.

So at this moment I have planned for September to be about alternative assessments in elementary schools. Types of assessments that can replace the traditional paper and pen testing, and be just as, if not more, effective. They are also a better way for students that doesn’t fall in the linguistic/verbal category to show what they actually have learned and are capable of.
If it turns out that my series about the intelligence/learning isn’t received well I might have to rethink this, but only if it is a total catastrophic result, where I loose views and people start to unsubscribe. After all I do this as a hobby, and for the fun, and if that is videos about education so be it.

Tomorrow is the first type of intelligence and learning the topic. I start off by the one that the traditional school system mostly cater to, and that is linguistic intelligence and verbal learning.