Getting nervous

Starting to get a bit nervous, it is 9 days to go until I launch my YouTube channel. Trying to tell myself that it is no big deal, reminding myself that I am doing this because it is fun, but never the less I have butterflies in my stomach, thinking about that it will actually start in just over a week.

Today I filmed episode four. For some reason I had a hard time getting the words out, stumbled with my English, and sounded very “Swenglish” today. But I will not try to re-film it, after all I am Swenglish, and that is just part of who I am when being myself. Besides that, the filming went pretty well. Most of the parts needed almost no editing, which is a small victory.
The editing is halfway done, and that too went smooth.

Maybe the two days I let myself take off from this project had something to do with that, but you can’t miss out on Christmas just to make a video.
Now I am tired and will go to bed. The finishing of editing have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight I feel like….