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How To Find Your Niche

In today’s video I want to discuss How To Find Your Niche, and how to narrow it down. How important is it? How narrow can you go? What is to narrow? There are so many questions and after little more than a year on the platform I am trying to narrow down the niche for my channel Pixelpia Teaching & Learning. Pixelpia Live is a gathering place for creators and consumers of YouTube and other social media. I hope we can get to know each other, inspire each other, and just hang out over a virtual cup of coffee, or the favorite drink of your choice.
Today’s I talked about Pusa Studios, a channel where I find inspiration, get to know so many great creators and find so many fantastic channels.

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I have made the magic number 100 subscribers and 30 days on YouTube so now I have a personalized URL https://youtube.come/pixelpialive, I never expected it to happen so fast, and a huge thank you to everyone that is supporting this “love child” of mine.
To “celebrate” this I want you to get a chance to get shouted out, and shout out another channel that you think is not getting the attention it deserves.
This is what I want to do;
send me an e-mail, or DM me on Twitter at PixelpiaLive, or use the suggestion form in the top menu, and give me the URL to your channel and the channel you think deserves some more attention . Maybe also a couple of word why.
I will then shout out both you and the channel you suggested at my live stream on Thursday January 30th at 9 AM EST.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone that is subscribed to PixelpiaLive, and everyone that joins my live streams.