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Could not go live yesterday

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do my regular live stream yesterday. Life got in the way, which happens sometime. I just wanted to get on here and inform you that on Tuesday I will be back on regular schedule, and the theme for my next stream will be upload or live stream, what is the difference and which do you prefer.

The reason behind me wanting to discuss this is that I am new to live streaming, and I am trying to find a format for them that can be both entertaining and informative. So many streams are just a ramble about nothing and I want mine to have a value.
But this is not an easy task, there are some channels that have a great concept for live streaming, but there are to many that just looks like an attempt to increase the watch hours. How do you find a format for a live stream that can give the viewer some real value, other than just hang out and chat with friends, which in itself can be valuable.

So I hope to see you there on Tuesday March 17, 2020.
I also want to remind you all about my last live stream of the month where I shout out your favorite YouTube channels.
If you have a favorite channel, that you think more people should be aware of send me a link to that channel, and a link to your own, and I will shout you both out on March 31, 2020. You can contact me through Facebook PixelpiaLive, or Twitter PixelpiaLive, or you can use the suggestion form in the top menu on this page.