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Do you need to use B-roll in your videos?

Today I am talking about the role of B-roll. I really want to start incorporating B-roll in my videos but don’t know how. So how important is B-roll? Can it be used in all types of videos? Where do I find B-roll? these are some of the questions I want to discuss today. Pixelpia Live is a gathering place for creators and consumers of YouTube and other social media. I hope we can get to know each other, inspire each other, and just hang out over a virtual cup of coffee, or the favorite drink of your choice. There are so many way you can support me, like and comment on my videos and live streams, share my content, subscribe to my channel, subscribe to my newsletter, send me an idea for a live stream etc.

I have finally ordered a new computer, and hopefully I will soon be able to use it for my live streams. There are so much more that you can create in live streams using a computer and I am very excited. I think it will take me a few weeks of testing things out before I get it all right, but I know I have so many friends that are willing to help me understand how it should be done.
There is so much to learn about doing a live stream compared to uploading a video, and there is no way you can hide your mistakes when you are live. But that is also the charm of live streaming.
I am still very happy with my decision to start this second channel, to decrease my uploads to two per week and to be able to increase my live streams to two. The amount of work is about the same, but I have still not got into the routine of writing in this blog after my live streams, and that is why this post is a day late.

As I said we talked about the use of b-roll in videos today, it was a slow stream and just a couple of my friends came to chat, but we had quite an interesting talk about b-roll, and as always if you watch there-run I recommend that you turn on the chat.