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How to stay in touch with your viewers

For some time now I have been pondering why Y.T. not give all creators the community tab? Even though I am a very small creator, I value each and everyone of my viewers, and appreciate that they will spend their valuable time watching my videos.
But sometimes things happens and you can’t upload according to schedule, and when that happens l would like to inform my viewers, but on this platform I can’t. I am forced to go to social media platforms to communicate with my audience, and that doesn’t feel right. Why can’t everyone on the platform have a community tab?
This is the discussion we are having in today’s live stream.
And today’s shout outs are
Rodney Review Things
Coffee Madness
Lip Sync Jedi

Yesterday I got my new graphics card, and I hope that I soon can start using the computer for my live streams. It will not happen this week, I still need to fiddle around with it a bit, but it will be coming.
I am also going to start learning to edit on the PC. Not that I mind using my phone for all my editing, but to once again challenge myself to learn something new, and to be honest to spare my eyes a bit.
But nothing of that will happen right away since I am still trying to set up the PC, install everything I need and want on it, and filming my tutorials for Pixelpia Teaching & Learning

So here is today’s live stream, as always if you watch the re-upload I suggest you turn on the chat