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I have been neglecting this blog

have been so busy lately that I haven’t been writing here since the end of January. I am so sorry. I have actually had three live streams since i last posted anything here. I will not link to them but I will put link to one of my short intro videos from February 4th when the topic was What To Do When You Run Out of Ideas?

After that one I had my birthday Bash, where I had a giveaway, and the drawing for that giveaway took place in yesterday’s live stream which I will link below.
I really enjoy making these live streams, and yesterday we were talking about the importance of taking a break, something I have a really had time doing. We also talked about how we can improve our work, and there was a lot of great ideas shared in the chat.
I really like how people come together and support each other and share ideas in the chat while I do these live streams. The community building aspects are the most important part foe me of having a live stream channel.

Tomorrow’s topic will be how important are music and sound effects in your videos, both from a creator perspective but also from a viewers point of view.
I am not as good when it comes to the use of sound as I wish to becme, and this is hopefully a topic where we all can share our experiences and our knowledge.

So to yesterday’s stream. I was talking about the importance of taking a break, and here is my intro video

And if you are interested in watching the replay of the whole stream including the chat you can do so here