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Shouting Out Your Favorite Channels January 2020

Today I am shouting out Your favorite channels. This will be recurring theme for every last live stream of the month. The thought is for us to share our favorite channels that we thin k don’t get the attention they deserve, If you have a favorite channel that you would like me to give a shout out in my stream, please DM me on Twitter at pixelpialive and I will add it to my list of YouTube channels that need some recognition. Pixelpia Live is a gathering place for creators and consumers of YouTube and other social media. I hope we can get to know each other, inspire each other, and just hang out over a virtual cup of coffee, or the favorite drink of your choice.

This will be reoccurring every last live stream of every month, so if you have a favorite channel that you think deserve more attention send me a link do that channel and a link to your own channel in my live stream. My next shout out live stream will be on February 27th.

I really enjoy making my live stream, and the fact that new people show up every time makes it even more exciting. I am really happy that I started this channel, it is one of the more exciting things I have done since starting YouTube.

Now to today’s live stream, it is many great channels to be shouted out today. I hope you will enjoy.

Shouting Out Your Favorite Channel