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The Importance of Music and Sound Effects in Videos

Today we are talking about the importance of music and sound effects in videos, both from a creator perspective and from i viewers point of view. We had a really interesting discussion and I suggest that if you watch the replay that you click on the chat. I hope you enjoy these live streams, and that you support each other.
Today’s shout outs are
Magic Jones
Philip Cockram
ya boi carter

I am starting to feel more comfortable in my live streams, and I am really happy that I started this second channel. It makes so much more sense to have the live streams separated from Pixelpia Teaching & Learning. I really love the interaction with people that a live stream creates, which was something I missed on my other channel.
I still which I had a better computer so I could live stream on that, but I am happy for now with what I can get up there. And the response from you guys is incredible. So much love and support from all of you.

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Just one thing left to do, give you the link to today’s live stream, as I said earlier it was an interesting discussion so please turn on the chat if you are watching the replay.