Pixelpia Live Let's Talk About It

Why I am starting a second channel

I am in the process of starting my second YoutTube channel, Pixelpia Live, where I will live stream every Tuesday and Thursday starting January 7th, 2020. I have decided to move my live streams from my main channel Pixelpia Teaching and Learning, to its separate channel to be able to have more freedom in my streams, and hopefully develop a model of live streaming that suites my personality.

In the beginning I am just capable of using my cell phone and the app PRISM Live, so I am somewhat restricted in what I can do, but hopefully I will soon invest in a new computer and be able to use something like x-split which opens up so many opportunities when it comes to live streaming.

So why am I starting a second channel? I have been on YouTube for almost a year now, started January 4th 2019, and it took me eight months before I decided on a niche, which is teaching and learning, and a month after that I started to make some live streams. But after discussing the matter with other creators, and by the very good advice from Pusa Studios I realized that it would be better for me to have my live streams on a separate channel.

I have therefor decided to keep uploading to Pixelpia Teaching & Learning but only two days a week, Monday and Wednesday, and move my live streams to my new channel Pixelpia Live where I will live stream two days a week. Live streaming is very inspiring, and I have met so many great people in live streams all over YouTube, and I realize that it will not be easy to build a second channel, but it is worth a try.

I hope to see you on my Live Stream, but until Tuesday January 7, here is a short introduction