Pixelpia Live Let's Talk About It

Why am I still on YouTube?

Had my second live stream on Pixelpia Live on Thursday January 9th, and it all went well. I really enjoy live streaming and interacting with my audience.
There are still some jinks that I need to figure out on the technical side but I think the format I am working with at the moment will work well for live streaming on the phone.

The live stream was about all the things that are positive with YouTube, the things that keeps us here, and that makes us never give up. I know that me creating videos and doing live streams has enriched my life so very much. I have found great friends, I have started creating web sites again, and my digital creations has developed. I am so happy for my friends that joined the stream, and that gave me input on the format.
If you have any ideas of what you would like us to talk about you can send them to me from the link to the suggestion form up in the menu. If you want to contribute with photos shown during my live stream you can DM me on my Twitter, message me on Facebook, or e-mail me. All those links are in the banner.

There are more things going on for Pixelpia Live. I have started a Subscribe Star page for those who would like to support me monetarily. I am trying to get money to invest in a new laptop so I can improve the quality of my live stream and find more ways to make my audience a part of the show.
I have created three different tiers of subscriptions with different rewards. You can subscribe as a monthly contributor, or you can subscribe and immediately unsubscribe if you just want to make one contribution. Another way of contributing is to send me your contribution on PayPal, or you can buy some of the merch at Pixelpia’s store.
Any contribution that comes in will go to one of two things. the first and most important is the new computer. This will make a big difference both for my live streams and my video editing. After that is done it will help me with the costs for the two web sites I have, this one and Pixelpia Teaching and Learning, Any contribution would help a lot.

So a link to the re-run to my live stream, This time I learned not to go in and edit at all and the the live chat can still be seen in the re-run. There is a 5 min intro but just scroll past it, unless you enjoy the music.