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Homeschooling; why, how, and the law

Homeschooling, something we didn’t have in Sweden, and I wanted to learn more about. In this video I talk about why people might choose to homeschool, different philosophies behind homeschooling, and what you need to think about before deciding to start homeschooling.
I also talk about the pros and cons of homeschooling, opinions I have found around the web.

Tomorrow I am going to try something new, I will do a live stream on Thursday mornings 9 AM EST, just to chat about what is going on with my channel and other social media, to let you, my viewers, have an opportunity to chime in on what topics you would like me to cover when it comes to teaching & learning, and just chit chat about life in general.
I don’t expect a lot of people to join me in the beginning, but at least I will get out a video every week about what is going on with pixelpia teaching and learning.

Another reason I am doing this live, is that I find live streams being very entertaining, and I would love to explore this much more. To start with I will use my phone and the app prism to do this since my laptop is to weak to really use for live stream. Hopefully I will soon invest in a new laptop that will allow me to live stream using Xsplit, where I can do so much more.

Enough of my rambling, if you have time, I hope you will join me tomorrow morning, or any other Thursday at 9 AM EST, that will be 15:00 in Sweden.
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