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How do you define; A Great Teacher?

What defines a great teacher? Today I am going to give you such a definition, and it has less to do with subject knowledge and more to do with the general approach to teaching. I found a lot of these definitions around different discussion boards on the web, and I will also add my own opinions, and hopefully you will join in in the comment box.

Yesterday morning I had my first live stream, and some of my friends joined in. It was really successful, and I got some great ideas for the future of my channel. My good friend artemorbid, Frank G, suggested that I should do some tutorial on some of the social apps we are using, and most definitely I will create a tutorial about Prism, which is the app that makes it possible for us tiny YouTubers to stream live on our cell phones.

So at the moment I am thinking that one day of the week can be dedicated to tutorials, which still fits within my niche of teaching and learning.
The idea is to make tutorials for people that are new to using these apps/software, but also have the aspect of how they can be used as teaching tools in mind.
At the moment with everything I have planned I am thinking that this series of tutorials will maybe start in mid November, depending how fast I can create them.

So to today’s video How do you define; A Great Teacher?
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