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How To Arrange And Add Music To Your Podcast In Anchor

Background music versus music between segments

Today I am going to continue the work on our first podcast. We have recorded three small segments but we need to add some music to them to make them more interesting.
There are two ways you can add music in Anchor, either as the background music of a segment, which means that the music will play for a couple of seconds, the volume goes down and you can hear yourself talking while the same music is playing in the background.
The second way is to add music between segments and has nothing in the background of you talking. Both can be very effective when it comes to creating more interest in a podcast.

Sound effects

Another thing you can do is add sound effects to your podcast. This can be very effective to draw extra attention to a specific part, but it can also be a way to have reoccurring segments introduced by using the same sound in each episode, for example, if you have a segment where you answer your listeners’ questions that can have a specific sound as a start to draw attention to that part.
The possibilities when it comes to how sounds can enhance your podcast are infinite, and only your imagination will set the limit.

Today’s video

A lot of this is so much easier to show than to tell so let’s just get right into the video


My final thoughts

I think Anchor is so user friendly that anyone that wants to try a podcast can do it.
In my next video, I am going to talk about how to package the podcast, that is how to set up the home page for your podcast and how to set up the page and information for each episode.
as everything else up to this point, it is really easy to do.