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How to Live Stream with mobile for small YouTubers

Today’s video is one that I struggled quite a bit with to film. I am doing my first app/software tutorial and I chose to start with PRISM Live Studio. This is a video filming/live streaming/editing app that you also can take photos with.
My struggle was how to film the screen and add it into the video without it being to small and hard to see, and at the same time have an informative video. After a couple of tests and three or four editing attempts I think the final result is OK.

This is actually part one of at least two, since this little app has so many functions and one of the best parts is that you can use it to live stream with your mobile device on YouTube without having 1,000 subscribers. Another function is the multi stream to several platforms at the same time, as well as include media, websites and , music into your videos and live streams. So episode #2 will be focused on live streaming.

After all the struggle with this video I have fallen behind my schedule a little bit, I have two of the three videos filmed and ready to be edited, and I have to film part 2 of my Prism tutorial, but I don’t feel worried about it, I know I will get it today or tomorrow. Part 2 will also be so much easier to film with everything I learned from doing the first one.

For my future tutorials I took a look at all the Google apps, and I was surprised about the amount of apps Google offers. There are 66 apps suitable for all, plus apps for business and developers. Of these there are 14 apps I used almost daily, and a total of 20 apps that I want to make tutorials about. Some of them can be combined into one tutorial, but looking at Google apps I have material for at least 10 videos.

So to today’s video, a tutorial about PRISM Live Studio, the app that makes it possible for us small YouTubers to go live using our mobile devices.
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