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How To Successfully Study Online

How to successfully study online gives you some general advice how you should approach your online studies for the best outcome. I discuss an approach and mindset that can lead you to success. I talk about practical approaches to prepare and perform your tasks, how to best network, and how to keep your spirit up.

This is my third video in my series about online studies. I have really enjoyed making these and finally utilizing the b-roll in my video production. They make the talking head videos so much more interesting do watch. My sound is the next thing I need to improve. The condition for filming is not the best yet here in our second home. I am missing lights and | have nothing up to take off some of the echo so really need to get into working on my audio files.

My next video in this series is going to be the pros & cons of online studies, and the final video will be all about my personal experience from studying online at universities in both Sweden and US. But now if is time to take a look at today’s video.

Successfully Study Ohttps://youtu.be/3Ouxp0b9GDInline