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How to upload your first post on Instagram

Today I am continuing my series about Instagram for beginners. We are looking at how to add to our profile by adding a profile photo, adding a short bio, and adding a link.
I am also showing you how to add your first photo and add a caption. As well as how you can make your first short video to upload.
This is all very basic, and I am directing it to you who have never tried Instagram before. There is so much you can do, and use an Instagram account to, share your hobbies, your art, your life, and it is well worth trying.

How to add your profile and first post

What is next

This is just the start when it comes to Instagram. In my next article, I will take a look at the settings, and how you can control who can see, comment, and share your posts.
I will also show how you can easily share your post with other social media.
There will be a couple of other articles in this series, but after that, I would like to hear from you.

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What would you like me to do a beginners tutorial about next?

My final thoughts

I have always been very interested in social media, and have been active on the internet since the early 90s, yes I am a baby boomer, and for me, it felt like the right time to start sharing what I know and have learned from 30 years as a digital citizen, and therefore my blog and my YouTube channel will be changing slightly and I will be focusing on tutorials for social media and the internet for beginners. If you have any suggestions of something you would love for me to cover please use this form.